Bartecki Czyżykowski Partners

Full range of legal assistance at the highest standards.

Our modern approach, excellent management skills and an extensive knowledge of legal issues enable us to provide our clients full security.

Our specializations:

Service for business entities.

From the beginning of its activity, the law firm provides services to various types of business entities operating in a wide spectrum of industries. It should be emphasized that the lawyers of the law firm have provided or are providing ongoing services to both large companies or capital groups that are leaders in their industry, including companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and entities operating on the local market.
In our practice, we provide assistance on the daily basis for business entities, ensuring care for corporate governance and ongoing supervision over concluded contracts, as well as representation in a wide range of economic disputes, administrative proceedings, disputes related to the protection of our clients' intellectual property, both in the form of disputes civil and criminal proceedings.
The experience allows us to understand the characteristics of the particular customer and services offered by him so that we recognize the challenges posed by the conditions of the legal and economic operators in the industry.
We operate effectively, offering comprehensive and simple solutions where the contact between law and business causes complicated and problematic issues.

Protection of intellectual property.

We represent clients in the widest possible scope related to the protection of intellectual property. Starting from the stage of registration of trademarks, industrial and utility designs, or patent protection, in which we cooperate with renowned patent attorneys, through the preparation of license agreements that effectively protect the rights of the client, to the physical liquidation of distribution points for counterfeit goods and removal of online auctions, our law firm provides comprehensive services The customer.

The criminal law.

BCP Law has exceptionally extensive experience in representing clients in criminal matters. Providing legal assistance at every stage of criminal proceedings - we develop procedural tactics and a line of defense, and provide effective and active defense. Representing clients both as defense lawyers, as well as representatives of the aggrieved parties, or auxiliary prosecutors, ensuring the prosecution of clients injured as a result of criminal activities.

Civil law.

Our specialists are fluent in broadly understood civil law. We have experience in the field of property rights, including easements, limited property rights, and regulation of the legal status of real estate. We effectively represent our clients in matters with neighbors, including: immission and restoration of ownership.

Inheritance and family law.

We have broad experience in the following cases: divorce, confirmation of inheritance acquisition, division of marital property, and establishing contacts with children. Discretion, understanding, appropriate and individual approach to each case, especially in such a delicate matter as family and inheritance matters, makes us very successful in this field as well.
In addition, we help protect the personal right of our clients, pursue claims for violation of the press law, the civil law and other related laws.
We analyze issues related to permitted press criticism, as well as help in avoiding and resolving crisis situations and their consequences.
We pursue claims for tort. The practice gained in this field also allows us to effectively protect the interests of our clients.

Contract law.

Long experience in the field of servicing business entities operating in the form of small, big and large companies and entire capital groups, meant that in matters related to all types of contracts, We are able to advise or suggest an appropriate solution, but also prepare a contract draft from scratch that fully corresponds to customer requirements and meeting his needs. Having extensive experience in this field, we are able to effectively defend our clients against all types of abuse on the part of their contractors. We often participate in negotiations and negotiations aimed at establishing, changing or terminating a legal relationship.

Tax law.

As part of the implementation of projects for our clients, BCP Law also provides tax advisory services. We analyze the tax aspects of transactions, identifying potential risks and tax consequences of planned activities, and proposing the best legally permissible methods of optimizing tax burdens.
We successfully represent clients in disputes before tax authorities and tax inspection authorities, as well as before administrative courts.

Labor law.

In matters relating to labor law, our specialists represent both employees and employers. The law firm provides legal assistance in the preparation of internal acts such as work and remuneration regulations in accordance with the statutory obligations of employers. We also prepare management contracts and deal with issues of legalization of employment of foreigners in Poland. We also have experience in conducting negotiations with trade unions, in particular in the field of collective redundancies in privatized capital companies. We represent clients in disputes with the state insurer in pension matters.

Transactions and corporate law.

Nowadays, companies and their management boards are faced with many challenges, therefore, in order to ensure stable development and access to new markets, entrepreneurs should adapt to changing conditions. It is also very important to reduce risk and optimize forms of activity in times of recession.

Legal advice in this area includes legal issues related to:

- mergers and acquisitions,
- capital investments,
- corporate and commercial law,
- privatization, restructuring and bankruptcy law.

Public procurement.

The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to entities participating in public procurement procedures, acting both as the contracting authority and as contractors, as well as private procurement carried out on the same terms. In particular, the Law Firm provides assistance with:

- preparation of documents related to the conduct of the procedure,
including, in particular, the Specification of Essential Terms of the Contract (ToR);
- selecting the most favorable public procurement procedure for the client;
- lodging protests, appeals and court complaints in the public procurement procedure.

Defending your rights is our highest priority.