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Robert Czarnota


Robert Czarnota graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk with a very good result. During his studies, he was the coordinator of the civil law section of the University Legal Clinic, where he supervised the preparation of legal opinions. He is currently completing his advocate training at the Pomeranian Bar Association in Gdańsk.

He gained his professional experience during several years of work in a law firm under the supervision of qualified lawyers, as well as during internships at the District Court in Sopot I Civil Department. 

At BCP LAW, he provides ongoing and comprehensive legal services under civil law for, inter alia, local government units, including by participating in sessions of decision-making bodies, municipal special purpose vehicles (especially housing associations, including Social Housing Societies), commercial companies, in particular related to the Call Center industry, housing communities, kindergartens and children's clubs, as well as natural persons.

At the same time, he actively supports the law firm in conducting individual civil, administrative and criminal cases involving crimes and misdemeanors. In the above scope, he has been actively and successfully cooperating with partners of BCP LAW for several years.

Privately, he is passionate about travel, fantasy novels and technological innovations. In his free time, he plays basketball and rides a bike.




Attorney trainee

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